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Roots of Life Vol.7

"Roots of Life" is collaboration between
nanamica and THE NORTH FACE on the theme of 'nature.'

Once a year, we release a photo book along with special products
with the aim of raising awareness for 'nature' on this planet we live upon.
This collaboration project that started in 2007
is now on its seventh and final volume this year.
Vol.1 "BLUE" = Antarctica
Vol.2 "SAND" = Namibia desert
Vol.3 "GREEN" = Amazon
Vol.4 "RED" = Volcano
Vol.5 "BLACK" = Deep Sea
Vol.6 "WHITE" = Water
We've highlighted various forms of nature on earth in past issues
but this time, the theme for Vol. 7 is "YELLOW" = Sun.
Photograph by Alan Friedman
"Light" is an indispensable part of our daily lives. 
In this issue we focus on the Sun, the giver of light.
We looked far beyond to where nobody's ever gone before, 92 million miles away.
The magnificent, powerful Sun throbs with life.
Through our photography, video and infographics,
we hope people will be inspired to take more interest in nature
and feel the importance of treasuring the earth.
The photo book features a collection of observation records.

The book will be given to those who purchase over 10,000 yen (tax incl.) of this edition's products.
(Please note in advance that there is a limited number of these books).
Below are the products on this current theme YELLOW.
We've created a down parka and print T-shirt by THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL.
ND2386N 〈THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL〉 ROL 65/35 Mountain Short Down Parka ¥58,800(tax excl. ¥56,000)
NT3364N 〈THE NORTH FACE PURPLE LABEL〉 ROL Graphic Tee ¥5,880(tax excl. ¥5,600)
Sales of the product and photo book set will start on 11/23 (Sat).
We're also holding a photo exhibition and movie screening with the details below.
Please come by to check it out!
■    Roots of Life Vol'7 "YELLOW"
DATE: 11/23 (Sat) ~ 12/8 (Sun) 11:00 - 20:00
VENUE: THE NORTH FACE STANDARD in store and 4F gallery
〒150-0001 Jingumae 6-10-9 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (TEL) 03-5464-2831
In the next post, we'll be taking a closer look at the products.
Stay tuned!