Summer and Denim

nanamica boy in Daikanyama


Vol.1 「Summer and Denim」






After rainy season in July,
it has been very hot in Tokyo every day.


While I feel a breeze when I walk on the corner in Shoto,
today’s T-shirt is keeping me comfortable and helps me not to sweat in the heat.


The denim pants have a gusset on the crotch,
which keeps me cool with its air flow.




nanamica Loopwheel COOLMAX® Jersey Tee


This no side seems tee is knitted while hanging under its own gravity without unnecessary tension, which brings a fabric that is fluffy and full of air. A blended fabric of COOLMAX® Polyester and Cotton also brings rapid moisture wicking.

¥6,500 (+tax) SUHF145 >>>


5 Pockets Pants


At first glance, the fabric appears to be ordinary denim but it is indigo-dyed cotton woven with polyester-covered cotton to make an original fabric. The pants have a gusset on the crotch which brings freedom of movement. A no side seam design adds nice silhouette also.

¥21,000 (+tax) SUCF914 >>>




The fabric is waterproof and breathable because of a GORE-TEX membrane underneath the 100% cotton fabric. A COOLMAX® mesh lining features moisture wicking and quick-drying.
¥9,000 (+tax) SUPF937 >>>


Hooded Pullover¥19,000 (+tax) SUHF933 >>>

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