nanamica and Dr.Martens reunited for new limited collaboration item


The new nanamica X Dr. Martens limited model will launch next weekend and be available from Saturday July 27th, 2019.


Following on from 17FW and 18FW, the new model for 19FW marks the third occasion
nanamica has partnered and collaborated with Dr. Martens.

The current collaboration moves away from the traditional plain toe design that was employed in previous times, to the Camberwell, a newly crafted silhouette, that matches marine styles for the ocean.


The upper uses grain leather, the strongest and most durable type of leather and the iconic air-cushioned sole with superior durability and grip power employs the new ziggy sole.


The two colors of black and brown and the white stitching on the soles, which is a feature of the ongoing collaboration with nanamica, and the contrast with the white shoelaces, conjure marine imagery, which is the concept of nanamica.


Like the free and relaxed image of the ocean, the wearer is free to match the shoes with all kinds of styling, from setups to shorts.


As with previous collaboration items, the model is being manufactured at the Dr. Martens Cobbs Lane factory in Wollaston, England.




SUSF900 <nanamica × Dr. Martens> Camberwell MIE Shoe ¥55,000 (+TAX)


Both colors feature navy leather lining of the insoles to express the brand color of nanamica, and each pair comes with an additional set of tonal shoelaces.


All nanamica locations and web store will carry this collaborationmodel. Kindly note, the quantity of items per sale/customer will be strictly limited. Your understanding in advance is appreciated.