“NANAMICA BASIC FOR A GOOD TIME” – 2019FW Collection arriving in August


The nanamica 19FW collection is now available at our stores and webstore and the main theme this time round is “NANAMICA BASIC FOR A GOOD TIME”.


We always want to have a closet stocked with good quality basic items and this is why we created such pieces here in Japan.
Whilst we have always had MADE IN JAPAN items, these come with a superior natural feel and the latest in garment functionality.


An example of this is the basic button-down shirt produced in Cordura® OX, which features a special a polyester/cotton yarn that is lightweight and has quick-drying capabilities.


However, the image is still very much an American classic shirt from the 50s to 70s with a 5-button opening that can be worn smart or casually.


The silhouette is round and distinctive and no matter the amount of washing, the fabric will retain is rough, crisp texture.




In addition, the same concept can be found applied to this season’s chinos and denim pants.
The yarn used for the chinos is woven using cotton wrapped in polyester to make an original fabric that is durable but comes with a soft, natural touch.


This item too has superior quick-drying functionality and comes in either a wide leg or slightly tapered leg silhouette.


The denim pants have an ample fit with a slight taper to the leg. There is no work pant-like stitching or paneling like past seasons resulting in a clean and distinctive design. Also, the front button and labels are both tonal dark blue jeans to give a solid impression.




Lastly, the cotton polyester COOLMAX® yarn used to create our T-shirts has been slowly blended in suspension on very old and rare Japanese tubular knitting machines so the finish is light and there are no side seams for enhanced comfort.


Please pay us a visit when you can and take a closer look.



From: August 2019