Summer and Long Sleeve Shirts

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Vol.2「Summer and Long Sleeve Shirts」






Sometimes I want to wear long sleeves shirt in the summer.
You can always roll the sleeves if it gets too hot and then roll them down again once you enter an office or store with air-conditioning.


Firstly, the fit needs to be generous and over-sized enough so the fabric does not stick to your skin while sweating.


The fabric should have quick-drying capabilities but should not present itself as a functional material at first glance.


This shirt is all of those things.
It is soft to the touch and goes well with a pair of chinos.


Sometimes wearing a short sleeve shirt with shorts can almost looks too ‘safari’ so pairing shorts with a long sleeve version often works better.




Regular Collar Wind Shirt


This fabric is woven using special cotton wrapped in polyester yarn that is lightweight yet durable.

It features quick-drying capabilities but the image is still very much an American classic shirt from the 1950-1970’s with a 5-button opening for ease and pivot sleeves.
¥21,000 (+tax) SUGF929 >>>


Chino Shorts


Again the fabric used here is a special cotton wrapped in polyester yarn on both warp and welt.

The design is inspired by U.S.ARMY shorts from the 1950’s however. Other features include 2-tacs and double flap back pockets, which are nice subtle details.
¥19,000 (+tax) SUDF911 >>>




The fabric is 3-layer cotton GORE-TEX fabrics.

Features a quick-drying COOLMAX® mesh lining to assist with sweat absorption.
¥9,000 (+tax) SUPF937 >>>