Clothing that’s built to last

nanamica boy in Daikanyama


Vol.3「Clothing that’s built to last」





The things that people look for in a garment differs from person to person.

Some look at the design. Others look for comfort first.

I feel strength is an important element also.


Take this button-down shirt I am wearing for example.

It works well as a work shirt, even though softer than it looks, it is made of CORDURA oxford fabric.


I paired it with a pair of chinos based on US ARMY pairs from what some call ‘the golden era of military uniform’ the 1940’s.

These models are now referred to as 41 or 43 khakis.


The rise has a gusset for improved movement and comfort but I feel the strength of the fabric is key even though it is lightweight.


Shoto is a nice and peaceful neighborhood.





Button Down Wind Shirt


The CORDURA OX fabric used to create this button-down shirt is 7 times stronger than nylon.

It comes triples-stitched too so it is extra strong and the design is based on a mix of dress and work shirts from the 1950s to 1970s.

It features pivot sleeves, again for freedom of movement.

¥19,000 (+tax) SUGF927 >>>


Wide Chino Pants


Cotton is wrapped in polyester yarn to create an original chino fabric that is lightweight, quick-drying and comes with a soft, natural touch like cotton.

They are based on US ARMY chinos from the 1940s and come double-stitched for increases strength.

Other features include piping and a watch pocket.

¥19,000 (+tax) SUCF913 >>>




This cap has a 3-layer composition featuring a wind and water-proof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane finished in cotton.

Features a quick-drying COOLMAX®mesh lining to assist with sweat absorption.
¥9,000 (+tax) SUPF937 >>>


Hooded Pullover ¥19,000