Big Clothes (No. 1)

nanamica boy in Daikanyama


Vol. 6 Big Clothes (No. 1)





I’m not sure what I want to wear until I get up in the morning.


That said, my closet is full of similar clothes, and I end up dressing pretty much in the same style every day.

I like normal clothes, and the things I put on this morning are pretty normal too, but the big silhouette makes a world of difference.


The boxy silhouette shirt is made of CORDURA material with a perfect stiffness, matched with heavy, wide tapered work pants.


The sizing is exquisitely calculated and can’t be described as simply “big,” and I hear that it’s magic made possible due to the involvement of stylist Akio Hasegawa.

Now that makes sense.




Big Button Down Wind Shirt


The sizing of the button down shirt has been greatly altered.

The pivot sleeves originally had a loose design, but the width of the shirt has been readjusted overall, for an even more relaxed fit.

The form is based on vintage shirts from the 50s to 70s, and by using sturdy Cordura fabric, there is both stiffness and softness.

The shirt is sewn together by triple stitching often used for work shirts, making it a highly durable piece of clothing.

<nanamica×AH>  ¥23,000 (+tax)  SUGF913


Big Chino Pants


Chino pants in a new wider size and tapered shape.

This new wider, tapered model comes as an addition to the slim Tapered Chino Pants and Wide Chino Pants.

The fabric is a polyester and cotton mix “covering core yarn” that has a nice cotton texture but is also light and fast-drying.

Details such as double stitching on the side and double piping watch pocket looks towards U.S. ARMY wear from the 40s for inspiration.

<nanamica×AH>  ¥24,000 (+tax)  SUCF915


Both will become available at nanamica stores starting 10/19 (Sat) 11:00.