Vol. 6 Big Clothes (No. 2)

nanamica boy in Daikanyama


Vol. 6 Big Clothes (No.2)





Continuing on the topic of big clothes.


I used to admire the coats I saw in detective movies and would buy similar coats at vintage shops, but it always looked sloppy and not put together.


Hence, when I saw the silhouette of this coat it totally won me over. The way the shoulders fall is perfect, and the stiffness of the GOREーTEX material gives it a refined and elegant feel.


Wearing my big shirt and pants with a big coat thrown over, I’m walking the streets of Sarugakucho today as usual.




GORE-TEX Big Soutien Collar Coat


The standard Soutien Collar Coat has been made 2 sizes larger under the direction of stylist Akio Hasegawa.

The blue back fabric peeking out from the inside is GORE-TEX fabrics, made by putting together 3 layers of cotton material for a highly waterproof finish.

The pocket area has piping and a pocket flap, making the coat extra waterproof.

The functional aspects are the same as previous models, but the width and form of the arm area has been fine-tuned and updated.

<nanamica×AH>  ¥79,000 (+tax) SUBF912


Available at nanamica stores from 10/26 (Sat) 11:00.